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 Become a Certified Customer eXperience Executive
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The CXE Academy has been designed to prepare leaders like you, from around the world, for a new level of leadership, to the benefit of both your career and your organization. This course enables you to assess the current state of service in an organization and work to build a culture within that delivers world-class eXperiences consistently.
Why Implement a Customer eXperience Initiative?
Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a two man start-up operation, Customer Service affects every aspect of your business, and investing in it is mandatory to your success.
82% of people have stopped doing business with companies due to bad customer service.
52% of Customers will buy more and pay more because of good Customer experience.
85% of Customers are willing to pay up to 25% more to ensure superior service.
John DiJulius
The Authority On World-Class Customer Service
Keynote speaker, international customer experience consultant and best selling author of four books, John DiJulius works with world class companies like the The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom,  Chick-fil-A, Entrepreneurs Organization, YPO, Aveda, and many more.

John isn’t just talking about it, he lives it, as a very successful entrepreneur of two businesses: John Robert’s Spa, a chain of upscale Cleveland locations, repeatedly named one of the top 20 salons in America and The DiJulius Group, a customer experience consulting firm that uses the X-Commandment methodology to providing a World-Class Customer experience. In 2018, John led a TEDx talk entitled “Meet as Strangers Leave as Friends.”
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Begin by Attending The Customer eXperience Executive Academy
Having worked with the top Customer Service organizations in the world, The DiJulius Group’s Customer eXperience Executive Academy (CXEA) gives you both theoretical and practical eXperience on how to elevate the levels of service at your company. With the need for rapid growth of the Customer eXperience Executive in businesses today, the Customer eXperience Executive Academy uses the X Commandments Methodology which covers all the facets and responsibilities that fall under Customer eXperience. Unlike any other institution, the CXEA’s focus, strictly on the Customer eXperience, prepares leaders to champion change at any company, regardless of industry.

The Customer eXperience Executive Academy is a 12 month, part-time program.
Students are required to attend four quarterly intensive sessions, in-person, as well as participate in recurring virtual meetings through the year.
Upon completion of the program, students will attend a graduation ceremony and receive official certification diploma's. 
Become The Next CX Exective in Your Organization
Get Your Certification In Just 3 Simple Steps
Step 1
Complete The Application Process & Gain Acceptance Into the Program

Step 2
Follow The Syllabus, Complete The Coursework, and Attend Quarterly Intensive Trainings & Periodic  Virtual Calls
Step 3
Earn Your Certified Customer eXperience Executive Certification

Enroll in The CX Executive Academy Today, and Learn How to:
  •  Adapt The DiJulius Group’s trademarked X-Commandment methodology and tailor it to your business
  •  Start a Customer Service Revolution in your organization
  •  Transform and improve the six components of your Customer’s experience
  •  Create a strong Service Vision that instills purpose in your employees
  •  Recruit, engage, retain and develop employees with high service aptitude that align to your core values
  •  Build a culture that seeks to go above and beyond what is expected during interactions
  •  Develop non-negotiable experiential standards that are executed on, with each customer, in each interaction
  •  Systematize hospitality to ensure consistency among departments and locations
  •  Create and implement zero risk systems to avoid service challenges and work to strengthen customer relationships if you experience a service failure
  •  Measure your customer’s experience and how to address the data your receive
  •  Walk the talk as a World-class leader
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